We are searching for photographers looking for luck

Don't blame us, but we at "Good Luck Horseshoes" are a little crazy when it comes to horseshoes. We are obsessed with all the wonderful stories about how horseshoes indeed brought happiness. We are impressed by all the beautiful things that people wish each other with a horseshoe. And we love the taste of the exciting old legends...

One thing leads to another. That's the way we picture these lucky charms too: at special places, sometimes gorgeously rusted, sometimes brightly colored. This photography got out of hand a bit. We often made such pretty pictures that we wanted to share these, via Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and more. And what did we notice? Others liked our craziness as well. Many hundreds of enthusiastic comments, likes, shares and reposts are always the result.

We have probably photographed all the horseshoes in our area, but we want more (as is normally the case with madness). We would like to have pictures of horseshoes in different places, different regions and countries.

And therefore, we are in search of photographers who are looking for luck.

Are you a fairly good photographer? Do you know any horseshoes in amazing places? Go after them! And send us your picture. We will place your photo, with your name as the photographer (and if you'd like, a link to your own blog or Facebook page).
Between all those photographers that send us pictures, naturally a contest will develop.
You will see that your photo will get hundreds of likes within the hour. Once a month, we will have a look at who's photo got the most likes and shares. That photographer will become the winner of the month and will receive a beautiful golden horseshoe. Besides of course eternal fame, and a lifetime of luck!

For the record: the rights of the photograph will stay with you. If we would like to use the picture for further publication, we will contact you to discuss a reasonable rate.

Grab your camera and find your lucky photo!

Good luck!

You will find some examples of pretty pictures of horseshoes through the following links.

The terms

  1. If our editors pick your picture, we will only place it on the above mentioned social media.
  2. We will place our 'watermark' inside your photograph to prevent others from using it. 
  3. The photographs will be placed in a square: keep that in mind when you take the pictures. 
  4. The minimum resolution should be 1.000 x 1.000 pixels (up to 5 Mb) 
  5. You have to be the real 'owner/maker' of the photograph (you are not supposed to get them of the internet) 
  6. Should we use the photo for other purposes, than we will contact your beforehand.
You can send in your photograph using this form.

The winner of the month will receive a beautiful golden horseshoe

The rights of the photograph will stay with you

Grab your camera and find your lucky photo!