How to hang a horseshoe?

How to hang a horseshoe? This question has been asked for centuries . Everyone knows that horseshoes bring good luck when they are rightly used , but you can see some pictures of horseshoes with the open side down, and sometimes with the open side facing up. So, which is good? Apparently, no one knows exactly how it works. Therefore, we are going to do extensive, yet certainly not scientific research. In the upcoming period we will further update this page.

How to hang a horseshoe?
There are all kinds of possibilities, different from place to place. Some people nail the horseshoe on the threshold of the door. Fishermen from Katwijk sometimes hang it on one of the poles under the boom, upside down, so the luck would befall the fishing nets. Maybe that is the origin of the resemblance between an inverted horseshoe and an open net. In the US the horseshoe is usually hung with the points upward. But at the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas the horseshoe once again hangs with the points downwards! Perhaps because the management hopes that luck instantly befalls the visitors and then immediately leaves them? Also in Ireland the horseshoe hangs with the opening upwards, but in Germany , Austria , Spain and the Balkans once again with the open side down so the luck can spread. We have recently conducted a survey among our Facebook fans , and 86 % percent reported that the iron should hang with the open side up.

Left or right
The first doubt that people have is about the open side up, or just below. Rarely, you will be asked whether the open side should point left or right (like the D or C-shape) . Apparently, the symmetrical shape of the horseshoe gives us reason "to hang it right”. As part of our investigation, we have hung two horseshoes both ways, and guess what: It looks weird. Maybe they still brought luck, but we got a lot of people who had something to say about this. Visitors felt uncomfortable with it, and that was a bad sign. A sense of unease is not a good starting point. We had both irons hanging both ways, for a month. Fortunately, we were not surprised by bad luck, accidents or illness, but we were not wiser, either. That is why we want to discourage this variant. For now, we assume that if the horseshoe is hanging upside down , or vice versa , a horseshoe brings good luck, because everyone has been convinced for many centuries .


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