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Outdoor Horseshoes

Outdoor horseshoes are well-worn Good Luck Charms. We have cleaned them properly, engraved the words "Good Luck " and fitted them with a solid, transparent coating. As a result, they will never rust and can be hung anywhere outside.
Success and Good Luck is guaranteed for an original gift.

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    Outdoor Luck Horseshoe

    (Cow Cushion)

    For nature lovers, we now have the Outdoors Good Luck Charms! A specially coated, outdoor horseshoe, which you can hang outside, rain or shine. The gift box includes the iron, on a soft, cowhide cushion, which makes unpacking a pleasure! This horseshoe is pure, raw, and well-worn, because everyone knows that only used horseshoes bring luck. This version is intensively cleaned, engraved with the words "Good Luck", and coated with a special outdoor layer. A great gift to make for to an anniversary, birthday or farewell party!

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