outdoor horseshoe

Outdoor Horseshoes

Outdoor horseshoes are well-worn Good Luck Charms. We have cleaned them properly, engraved the words "Good Luck " and fitted them with a solid, transparent coating. As a result, they will never rust and can be hung anywhere outside.
Success and Good Luck is guaranteed for an original gift.

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  • Heather Flower

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    Outdoor Luck Horseshoe

    (Purple Cushion)

    For those who love nature, there is now the outdoor horseshoe! On a shiny purple cushion lies the iron, which is specially coated, so that it can hang forever without gaining rust. The whole house and the land around it are blessed with happiness! This horseshoe is pure, raw, and well-worn, because everyone knows that only used horseshoes bring luck. This version is intensively cleaned, engraved with the words "Good Luck " and coated with a special outdoor layer. A great gift to make for to an anniversary, birthday or farewell party!

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