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  • Cupcake

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    Gold Lucky Horseshoe

    (Light Pink Cushion)

    As sweet as the taste of a cupcake, this happiness package is sweet to the soul! The horseshoe not only brings life-long happiness, it is also delightful to look at. This horseshoe is pure, raw and well-worn, because everyone knows that only used horseshoes bring luck. This version is extensively cleaned, and covered with 24 carat gold. A great gift to give for an anniversary, birthday or farewell party!

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  • Giant Luck Chrome

    Worlds Largest Horseshoe

    (White wooden Box)

    We also produce our Giant horseshoe in a Chrome version, as some people just prefer silver over gold, or the (sometimes formal) occasion calls for just this colour instead. Size is 9 x 10 inch (!), weight almost 4 Lbs. These very special horseshoes can also be engraved (with a max. of two lines of up to 18 & 15 characters respectively), as can be the White wooden box (lined with black velvet) in which it will be shipped and presented. Production and delivery can take up to 4 working days after receiving your order. Learn More

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  • Giant Luck USA

    Giant Luck USA

    (White wooden Box)

    I love America!
    This very special horseshoe, airbrushed by hand with the American Stars & Stripes, is the biggest gift an America fan can get. These special horseshoes can't be engraved, but it will look colorful enough mounted on the wall of your office / sports canteen etc. These special Giant Horseshoes are available in a limited amount only, but can be shipped out directly.

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  • Giant Luck Gold

    Worlds largest Horseshoe!

    (White wooden box)

    This 10 Inch high, 24 carat gold plated horseshoe with a highly polished finish, is guaranteed to bring you good luck. The Giant Luck horseshoe is packaged in an elegant wooden box together with 2 large gold horseshoe nails and the Good Luck booklet. Just as with all of our other horseshoes a personal message can be engraved on the horseshoe. Due to the restricted availability, large orders are on a request basis only. A complete good luck package, including our unique lifetime good luck guarantee! The shipping time is approx. 4 days. Learn More


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  • Giant Luck Phoenix

    Giant Luck Phoenix

    (in a white wooden box)

    This is truly the most special good luck horseshoe we have ever laid hands on: it’s a one of a kind horseshoe, transformed to a piece of art by the famous Dutch paintbrush artist Ben Oud. Just like a phoenix the luck will rise from this Giant horseshoe, the flames give you power and the purple and blue sparks will shine on you in the sunlight. There's only one Phoenix available, will it be yours?

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5 Item(s)

per page