The Good Luck card

The Good luck card with you personal best wishes.

To help you, we have already made a few texts for you that you can use for various occasions. With 1 click of your mouse, you have a text, which you can also alter if you want. The texts are all about luck. You text will be printed on the inside of the greeting card. Below you can find different examples of the good luck text.

Good Luck card for a

Weding gift

Dear Xxx,
Congratulations on your Wedding!
May this horseshoe follow you wherever your new life leads you together as husband and wife bringing you happiness and 'GOOD LUCK'
Love XXX

Dear Xxx
Congratulations !
We wish you both for now and in the future lots of health, love and luck.
To help you with that we give you a horseshoe known for centuries as a luck-bringer.
This one is specially made for you.
Greetings from xxx

Dear xxx
We still regret that we couldn't be present
at the most special day of your lives.
We were in our mind at your wedding and toasted on the two of you.
We wish you a very long, incredibly happy and prosperous life together.
May our gift add to you luck. Love, xxx

Dear xxx
Love is like a reflection
a mirror of your heart
Even a hidden emotion
shows itself for a part
Good Luck!

With this horseshoe,
which stands for good luck,
I wish you both
all the luck in future!
With love from Xxxx,

Good Luck card for a

Birthday Gift

Happy Birthday!
May today fill you with much joy and happiness.
Wishing you all the very best on this special day and for many years to come.
Love from XXX

Dear xxx, Happy birthday!
Long years of life,
happiness and good luck!

Dear xxx
Happy xxth birthday!
We are so happy to celebrate this milestone with you!
We wish you a great year to come.
This gift represents good luck, hope and friendship.
We love you!
Love from xxx

Good Luck card for a

New Home

Dear Xxx,
I hope this Lucky Horseshoe will fill your new home with Good Luck,
Happiness and Lots of Love.
Best Wishes XXX

Good Luck card for a

New Job

Dear Xxx,
Good Luck in you new job!
We hope it is everything you want it to be.
We wish you loads of success and happiness.
All our Love XXX

Good Luck card for


I Love You!!

Good Luck card for a

Get Well

Dear Xxx
Get Well Soon!

Good Luck card for a


Dear Xxx,
Something to remind you of
a long and pleasant relationship.
Good luck

Dear xxx All of us will miss you..
And we would like to say
We hope this horseshoe brings you good luck!
Each and every day!
Thank you for a wonderful time..
we will remember it forever!
with love

Dear xxx, "the sky is the limit".
You can do anything you set your mind to.
You must dare to dream,
but remember to be successful you must take action.
This gift can bring you joy and happiness in your life.
Happiness is a habit, cultivate it.

Good Luck card for a


Dear Xxx,

Congratulations with your XXth Anniversary!
We are delighted to celebrate this milestone with you
and wish you great business for another xxx years to come!
Your sincerely,

Dear xxx, Congradulations!!
A very special day for both of you.
We wish you much health, love and lots of luck.
To give you a hand to help, we give you a horseshoe.
Centries old, known as luck.
This copy is specially made for you,
find a nice spot for, hopefully it brings you lifetime happiness.