The engraving

In our workshop all horseshoes are traditionally engraved. We make use of engraving specially crafted for us. We can engrave two lines on almost all horseshoes.

On the first line, we can engrave up to 18 characters, while the second line can hold up to 15 characters. Spaces count as a character.

The cost of engraving is listed near the information on horseshoes . After engraving, the horseshoes are individually checked and given approval, with our quality seal.

Double rings

Do you want to double rings? Then fill in the order form with the symbols : @ @ # in the engraving space, between the two names.


Do you want a heart engraved ? That is a wonderful sign GoodLuck Horseshoesto place for example, between two names . Please indicate in the right place, in the engraving field,

# # to # ( two gates) .