Living happily in a horseshoe

Living in a horseshoe? Located in Berlin, stands an extraordinary complex in the shape of a horseshoe. It dates back to the twenties, when Berlin was expanding rapidly and there was a huge housing shortage. The architect, Bruno Taut, was commissioned to design a public housing complex. It had to be something different than the usual drab working-class districts. You had to live enjoyably, with a lot of 'light, air and sun'. (click for Google Maps)




Bruno Taut
Architect Bruno Taut

Architect Bruno Taut (1880-1938)

Nobody knows why, but architect Bruno Taut came up with a complex in the shape of a horseshoe. A building of 350 meters long, curved as a horseshoe around an enormous courtyard with a pond. It became a jewel of a building, which even ended up on the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 2008.


Horseshoe building

Living in a horseshoe

In perfect shape

Nearly two thousand houses, nowadays both owner-occupied and rental housing. And all residents are contractually obligated to keep everything perfectly in the old state. There are a lot of artists living there now. The complex has its own cafe-restaurant 'Im Hufeisen'. The common courtyard is a popular meeting place. Some of the houses also have their own private garden. The whole building is beautifully restored and has become an important tourist attraction.


Berlin-Britz (Neuköln)