Good Luck Brazil

Brazil is known as one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. A place where you can find incredible beaches, good nature and friendly people. But, putting these qualities aside and focusing in their faith and beliefs, we’ll find interesting superstitions and ‘crendices’ (a equivalent term to superstition in portuguese).



Most of these ‘crendices’ have the purpose to bring good luck, wealth and love and can be materialized in a four-leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot, a horseshoes etc. Among all these superstitions, let’s focus on the horseshoes.



Recently, Felipão (the ex-coach of the brazilian national team) was photographed using a horseshoes during the Gremio (brazilian team) training, where he is the current coach. Gremio is well positioned in the brazilian league by the way. Probably, he didn’t use in the World Cup 2014. The horseshoes are commonly find placed behind the doors in rural houses with the tips up. The residents believe that by doing this they’ll have good luck and ward off evil spirits.

necklace Horseshoe


However, this superstition can be find used as a pendant in a necklace or in a bracelet specially by famous women in soap operas. The pendants can be find in many jewerly stores. (Sabrina Sato with a Good Luck horseshoe necklace)