Gift giving is always a moment of celebration!

a complete giftIt does not matter if it is a gift for a large wedding party, or a humble thanking gift. You have to make something beautiful out of it, otherwise you might as well give a gift receipt ( which I find so dull!)

That's why our designers at Lucky Horseshoe have prepared an impressive package.

This package includes:

  • The lucky horseshoe in the colour and engraving that you have specified.
  • The wish-making card: nicely printed with your personal best wishes
  • The lifetime happiness guarantee : if after one year the shoe still has brought no luck, it will be exchanged free of charge, for a new one.
  • A certificate that the horseshoe is really a used one. A display with two new horseshoe nails (which also bring luck)
  • The booklet 'Good Luck ' with the history and anecdotes about horseshoes.
  • Everything is packed in a free gift box.
  • And we ship this package to you in another sturdy shipping carton, so that it arrives safely to you.


My experience

I regularly give a lucky horseshoe gift and I always pay close attention to the people’s reactions . Last year I was standing in line at a business reception. It was an anniversary of someone with whom we worked regularly. In front of me there were more than 10 men waiting to congratulate the celebrated person, all with a box under their arm ... From the distance I could see it was wine in each box. Most of them contained one bottle, but I also noticed some with two. Always good, but a bit boring. Great especially when it is wrapped in paper of a famous wine shop . I paid close attention to what happened to the gifts: every time the person celebrating his jubilee picked up the box, thanked for it, and put it directly on a large table behind him. Without opening the box, because he had guessed, of course, what it contained ... When my turn came to congratulate, he looked at my box very surprised. No wine, he could tell. During our brief conversation the wrapping paper was removed and the case made public. His curiosity was too big! A surprised face was the result, with a single exclamation of surprise. It happened that, within three minutes, there were at least 8 people around the guest of honor to admire ... the contents of the box… If you see that, you can be sure that you have chosen a good gift. Therefore, I can recommend all the lucky horseshoes in our shop wholeheartedly. They are all carefully designed and produced. You can confidently give them as gift for all occasions.

Video: How Good Luck horseshoes are made

Lovelties: The Good Luck Horseshoe from Lovelties on Vimeo., one of our dealers, made a beautiful video. Watch it here at Vimeo