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yellow lucky horseshoe

Bright yellow happiness

These horseshoes are authentic horseshoes (and always bring happiness ). They are intensively cleaned, and plated with a fine yellow coating. Of course, the gift pack includes the “ Good Luck” booklet, the horseshoe nails and lifelong happiness guarantee.

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  • The Lightning Bolt

    Yellow Lucky Horseshoe

    (White Cushion)

    This lucky horseshoe will strike you with happiness, as unexpectedly as lightning strikes. This bright yellow iron on white satin brings anyone luck, so if a loved one or friend needs a helping hand, this horseshoe is an ideal gift. But you can also buy it for yourself if you need a stroke of luck! This horseshoe is pure, raw and well-worn, because everyone knows that only used horseshoes bring luck. This version is extensively cleaned, and plated with a fine layer of intense yellow. Also a great gift to make for an anniversary, birthday or farewell party.

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